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Contact Lens Plan


We aim to give you the best possible care, offer you the latest available products and give you excellent value for money. We have structured our Contact Lens Plan so we can personalise your plan to your individual requirements.

Our research has shown that we can offer highly competitive contact lens prices. We know as a contact lens wearer you not only want the best contacts available to you but also want variety to see clearer with comfortable, stylish spectacles and sunglasses. With this in mind we want to offer you as our loyal patients added value benefit of discount off your spectacle lenses, sunglasses and other contact lens, dry eye, eye health products.

We have structured our scheme so that we can personalise it to your individual needs so you only pay for products and services that you require.

Do you wear contact lenses most days or 6-7 days per week? If you are not a full time wearer then we can also create a personalised plan depending on how many times a week you usually wear your contact lenses. Or do you want to only sign up to a care only DD of £9 per month to benefit from the reduced contact lens prices


AFFORDABILITY: Competitive priced contact lenses, your pay us for the contact lenses at the discounted price that we have negotiated for our patients (this is subject to changes if the manufacturers increase their charges to us or if there is a change in VAT %)

EASE OF PAYMENTS: Spread the cost as a monthly payment

FLEXIBILITY: We can offer the plan prices even for part time wearers or if you change your wear pattern throughout the year

NO EXTRA COSTS: No worries for additional charges for check-ups if you ever encounter any contact lens related eye problems during the year (NHS pays for your eye health checks does not cover any contact lens related problems)

DISCOUNTS: Huge savings on spectacles, sunglasses and accessories

CONVENIENCE: Automatic shipment every 3 months to the practice or for a small delivery charge we can arrange contact lenses to be delivered to your chosen address (this is subject to your compliance and keeping up to date with your regular check-ups)

COMFORT: You will be the first group of patients to be offered the most innovative & comfortable contact lenses as they are released.